Chat with Syeda Adiba Arif on being an ambitious Business Student

Adiba Arif

Adiba Arif – BAT, Sub-Editor of Next Step Daily Star, and winner of multiple business competitions

This interview is from the series, the Bangladeshi Perspective.

Who is Syeda Adiba Arif?

Syeda Adiba Arif is a BBA graduate from the Institute of Business Administration (IBA), University of Dhaka and currently working as a Global Graduate-Human Resources at British American Tobacco. Starting from Chittagong to being a business student, she led an exciting path in life. Let’s look into her story, written by Fabiha Maimuna.

Taking a one degree turn in early days

Adiba was born in Chattogram, Bangladesh, and spent her childhood and early life there. Apart from her regular academics, one thing that shaped up her future endeavors is working as a core team member of the non-profit organization in Chittagong, ‘One Degree Initiative Foundation.’ Having headquarters in Bangladesh, One Degree Initiative also has its operations in Canada, USA and Nepal.

1 Degree initiative overview

This organization mentors and supports ideas of young people, inspires them to make a good change in society in order to create global leaders. Adiba had experience of organizing fun fundraisers for underprivileged communities, which helped her become confident and think diversely.

A girl from Chittagong with big dreams

As Adiba grew up in Chittagong and completed her high school there, she could make a clear distinction between the opportunities she got back there and those of Dhaka. So, when she got chance in the Institute of Business Administration (IBA), University of Dhaka and moved here, she did not hold herself back from any scope that came in front of her. She searched for new opportunities in versatile areas to flourish herself, which gave her an amazing undergrad life.

Adiba Arif sitting with a city view in the background
Adiba Arif

Bustling undergraduate years

Adiba did not spend her undergraduate years just in completing her degree. She hopped in various kinds of activities like business competitions, teaching at Mentor’s, content writing, travelling with friends, organizing stunning events, participating in debate, and exploring a diverse set of paid endeavors, which she thought could positively contribute to her professional aspirations. She worked for the prestigious club of her university, IBA DU Debate. She was part of the organizing committee of the glorious event IBA Legacies 2019.

Adiba Arif (on the right) with IBA Debate peers
Adiba Arif (on the right) with IBA Debate peers

She also worked for the popular ecommerce site Bagdoom. In Bagdoom, she worked under their project Krishti which empowers the rural artisan women of North Bengal by training them and including their work in the ecommerce cycle enabling them to be financially solvent as well as independent.

Story of Bagdoom

She did not focus on the achievements only, it was more about the experience she gathered. Many of her experiences came ordinary but were once in a lifetime one for an undergraduate student in Bangladesh.

Content writer to sub-editor

Amid all the jobs Adiba had done during her undergraduate years, most of the spotlight goes on her content writing. She wrote for some small online pages and blogs initially. After gathering some experience in this area, she became eligible for being a contributor of the reputed English daily of the country The Daily Star.

Adiba winning CreaDive
Adiba winning CreaDive

At first, she wrote for the famous career page of this newspaper Next Step. As a career journalist, she has written plenty of articles on career choices, trends, mental situations, opportunities and simple business questions. After working at Next Step for a year as a contributor, she became a sub-editor there. She led and guided a team of contributors for this career page and this team produced many helpful articles for students and youngsters in making career decisions.

Stepping in the job sector, what’s next?

Adiba is a student of IBA’s class 2019 and everyone knows the unfortunate situation of pandemic this year for which all the graduation ceremonies had to be postponed. Even in this situation, Adiba expanded her career and stepped into the corporate world through joining British American Tobacco through their Global Graduate program.

Adiba winning Rise High Bangladesh
Adiba winning Rise High Bangladesh

So, what is her next step in her career and life? Upon asking where she sees herself in the next five years, Adiba said,

Stay connected with my friends and loved ones, see the world for it’s good, bad and ugly, reflect back to today to know that I have made no compromise on giving my best at everything I do.

Adiba Arif on her goals for the next 5 years in life

We surely can expect some exciting endeavors from her!   

This article was written by Fabiha Maimuna, business student at Dhaka University’s Institute of Business Administration.

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