Success of Togbog — Celebrating Bangladeshis

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Very recently, I was part of a group conversation where someone stated “Bangladeshis are inherently jealous in nature. They never encourage the success of a fellow Bangladeshi. They only know how to bring people down.” Majority of the group agreed. I didn’t. Here is why:

A few months ago, I came across a few amazing videos of this Facebook page named ‘Togbog’. This page produces English videos about the amazing things about or happening in Bangladesh. Speaking from industry experience, I know for a fact that English Bangladeshi content don’t get much traction on social media. However, Togbog has gained over 130,000 followers in around 2 years with videos crossing over 2.1 Million views. What worked for them?

Curious, I visited their Facebook page which had over 430 videos at that time. I went through the views, engagement and title of each video to understand what was going on. And then I came upon a realization. All of the videos among the 430 that went viral (around 40 with over 100,000 views) had one thing in common. They celebrated the amazing accomplishment of a fellow Bangladeshi. The accomplishment had to be something most people didn’t hear about before, something which hadn’t become a marketing instrument yet.

Togbog had no over arching digital strategy. Their strategy was simple. Work hard, do your research, create good videos and focus on Bangladeshis doing amazing things regardless of whether it was cool or whether people were talking about it. Traction will follow. This shows Bangladeshis loved celebrating the success of their fellow people (the cricket team is an example) and that is why, even an English content creation channel succeeded.

I met with one of the 7 co-founders of Togbog, Tanzim (see attached picture) some time back and asked why do they spend hundreds of hours behind Togbog when they don’t get anything in return?

“You see so much frustration all around about how dreams don’t come true in this country and how nothing good ever happens. We wanted to change that perception. We believed amazing things do happen here and we wanted to put the spotlight on that. That is why we created Togbog. To inspire and share joy.”

Inspiring indeed.

If you found this useful, please share it with your friends or at least leave a review for me to learn from.

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