Hi there,

I am Seeam, a recent Bangladeshi Harvard Alumnus with a Bachelor’s in Applied Mathematics & minor in Computer Science. I aspire to maximize human potential around me by working at the intersection of education, tech, and business. 

I will join IBM Chief Analytics Office full-time as a Strategy Consultant in New York & I lead product for Bangladeshi SaaS startup Onethread.

On social media, I make content on university admission & self-learning for 100,000+ followers across 25+ countries.

This page highlights my professional work and personal projects for intellectual growth. Please reach out if you want to collaborate or have questions. 

Educational Content

I make content on what we can learn from amazing Bangladeshis, personal development, self-learning, and university admission. Click above to view my content. 

The Bangladeshi Perspective is an educational interview project with one goal: any young Bangladeshi can look at our interview repository and find relatable advice in any field of interest. So far, we have ~80 interviews, 15k+ Followers, raised $1K in donations, and have reached 3M+ people from 15+ countries.

Work & Programming

To highlight, I have led a Management Consulting team advising a multi-billion dollar company, led Business Development teams for a top Bangladeshi EdTech startup 10 Minute School, taught CS at Harvard College & Business School, and worked in a Business Data Science role for the Fortune50 IBM. I have also written for the Daily Star and conducted behavioral science research under Harvard Professors. Click the button above to know more!

I have taught Data Science & Programming at Harvard College & Business School. My personal programming projects include a data analytics app for the English Premier League, personal Spotify Recommendation Systeman interactive data story on being an Olympian, tutorials on web development, deep-learning, and much more! Languages for the projects include: Python, R, and JavaScript. Find them on Github right below. 

Some Features and Talks