Hi there,

I am Seeam, a product manager & an educator.
I work as an AI Product Manager & Sr. Strategy Consultant at IBM Chief Analytics Office, NYC.
In my free time, I make content to help students learn fast & achieve more: 700K+ followers & 25M+ views, one of Bangladesh’s biggest educational personal brand.
Born in Bangladesh, I moved to the US for undergrad & recently graduated from Harvard with a Bachelor’s in Applied MathFeel free to reach out for collaboration or click link for content.

I started making content in 2020 to help Bangladeshi students study smart, learn fast, & achieve more in their lives. I have 200+ free videos in Bangla & a few digital courses & products in Bangla & English.

I also have a free English email newsletter where every Tuesday, you can get 1 small & practical insight to inspire a big win in life. Readers love it & the number grew from 0 – 5k in a month.

My professional work

I have 5+ years of experience leading product & strategy teams in big tech, startups, & non-profits (IBM, 10 Minute School, HCCG), got awards for teaching CS & entrepreneurship (Harvard), & published research on startup management. 

Featured nationwide